3, 2, 1…… Launch

The idea

‘2Covet’ was an idea born by us, a team of people with very different, but synonymous, experiences of the antiques and art trade and specifically the various online marketplaces that have started to fill this industry in recent years. Steve and Charlie, two antiques dealers, Stuart, the owner of a Creative Digital Agency and Zara who specialises in supporting dealers in the online world. We agreed that the Antiques and Art market needed a marketplace that was dealer-driven and motivated by creating a trusted place for dealers and collectors to connect and create long-term business relationships. By combining our joint experience and shared passion, we’ve been able to create the site you read this on today.

Feeling quietly (our loudly in some cases) confident that we were onto an idea that could materialise to be something exceptional, we began talking to fellow dealers to gain some initial feedback and see if other people thought our idea was as fantastic as we did. The response at this stage was overwhelmingly positive and having a wealth of knowledge and a whole load of excitement to work from, we began to ask what we did and (arguably more importantly) didn’t want this marketplace to be and do. We decided that we did want simplicity and usability to always be a priority and we didn’t want to create another minefield for dealers to navigate. We decided that we did want quality over quantity, when it came to the features, dealers and products that our marketplace would offer.

Building the Platform

So the next question was, what is 2Covet going to look like? Many hours were spent pouring over imaging, fonts, graphics and of course the usability and functionality of the website. We wanted to ensure that 2Covet would be a joy to use for our dealers and for our customers. And that’s where CDA (first born business child of Stuart) come in. CDA were responsible for the technical build and visual design of the website; in simple terms, you wouldn’t have been to click through the buttons on this website and read this article without them.

The interesting thing about building a new website is that the ‘content’ (i.e. every piece of text, image, video and quite literally everything you see) must be written or created by someone, from scratch. Every. Last. Word. I don’t think anyone will forget the moment we realised that we needed to create 300word long product descriptions for all of the 167 product categories on the website. That’s right, 50100 words. Through weeks of painstaking hard work and working closely and tirelessly with the incredible talented team at CDA, we were excited to have somewhat of a product to sell. So what next?

Building the Business

For our readers that haven’t experienced the excruciating pleasures of building and launching a new business, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as having a product or service to sell, and just, well selling it. There’s an almost endless number of other steps and questions to be answered in-between. How will our dealers and customers contact us? Who will get back to them when they do? How will people pay? Who on earth is going to do all this work and where on earth will they do it from?! As you know, we now have an office in Hitchin and our Account Manager, Charlotte is in place and eager to help.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve come across one of our newsletters before or maybe you’ve spoken to one of the team at an event, seen our adverts in the ATG or perhaps one of our Social Media Platforms. This, our marketing, is the key to the final (and most crucial!) building block of our business – you. Our dealers and our customers.

We couldn’t and wouldn’t be writing this without all of your support, so I will leave you with a final thank you from all of us at 2Covet for making this incredible journey possible.



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