All Great Change Begins at The Dinner Table

Whether its dinner for one or you’re feeding the cast of the Sound of Music, your dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home.

A derivative from the latin word Tabula, the first functional pedestal tables were used by the Ancient Egyptians. Variations were developed by the Greeks and Romans, who used tiny tables stored underneath the bed or marble, metal or wooden legged tables respectively. Throughout history, table design progressed into grander, recreational craftsmanship of a substantial scale, to accommodate the typically larger families of the period in Ancient Civilisation through to the Middle Ages.

Design soon advanced to include drop leaf and extendable tables, that could be adapted to accommodate the needs of the family and the occasion. Typically, these large rectangular tables allowed for the ‘head’ to sit in the most prominent position at the top end, assert authority and maintain a panoramic view of guests and family. To contrast this, the introduction of the round table removed the need for a customary host and and allowed guests to have an equal view and hierarchy around the table.

Antique tables have cemented their place in family homes around the country, due to the sentimental value and sturdy craftsmanship, as many people like to choose a piece that will stand the test of time. Of recent years, art deco and mid century tables have added a new dimension that allows antiques to blend seamlessly into modern homes, whilst providing the history and expertise of generations past.

Here at 2Covet, our Dealers showcase an eclectic collection of dining tables so you are sure to find a piece to suit your style and budget. From William IV Colonial and Spanish Walnut, to Lucite, Bronze and Rattan designs from the mid-20th century, there is history and design to match any purpose, family and home.

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