2Covet Editors Pick - "House for Sale" by Laurence Stephen Lowry

2Covet are proud to present "House for Sale" by Laurence Stephen Lowry, from Cider House Galleries. Lowry was born on November 1st 1887 in Manchester and remained in or around the city for his entire life.

Whilst largely believed Lowry was an untaught artist, he in fact attended art school intermittently between 1905-1925 and studied art in evening classes at Manchester Municipal College of Art and Salford School of Art. Whilst at art school, Lowry was told by his tutor, Bernard Taylor, that his paintings were too dark. In response, Lowry painted on a pure white background, which became a technique he maintained for the rest of his artistic career. The dark and desolate tone described by Bernard Taylor was then reshaped into the bleak industrial landscapes Lowry is acclaimed for to this current day. Another notable idiosyncrasy was Lowry's 'matchstick men' which led him to be unduly credited as a naive 'Sunday Painter', later disputed by retrospective exhibitions in galleries such as Tate Britain.

The early painting 'House for Sale' demonstrates the aforementioned white background and was completed during a time of economic uncertainty. In the midst of the post-war depression, with wages down to 80% and unemployment startlingly high, Lowry emphasises three central constituents in this painting: the 'House for Sale', the encompassing industry and the people. Whether the foreclosure of the property is due to austerity of the time or being engulfed by surrounding industry remains ambiguous, but the inclusion of people in the forefront indicates the ongoing human influence in Lowry's work, reflected in Lowry's words, "You don't need brains to be a painter, just feelings".













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