Editors Pick - Persian Fereghan Carpet

2Covet are pleased to present the Editor’s Pick, this Antique Square Fereghan carpet, from Farnham Antique Carpets.

This late 19th century rug falls into one of two categories of Persian inspired Fereghan Rugs, and features the typically used geometric ‘Herati’ design with a pasture of decorative floral emblems. The mellowed reds and yellows contrast perfectly with the deep indigo blue of the main field, whilst the square shape and sheer size of the rug create a spectacular centre piece for any home. The Fereghan region developed this distinguishable type of Persian Rug aimed at the aristocratic clientele of the region, and are commonly recognised as the highest grade, rarest and uniquely artistic antique rugs of Persia.

The practical beginnings of the Persian rug began over 2500 years ago, when nomads used rug weaving as a means to protect against harsh conditions and create comfort during damp and cold periods. Generations later, the skillset and craftsmanship necessary to shelter against tempestuous weather conditions has developed into immaculate design perfection.

The earliest know Persian rug was not discovered in modern day Iran, but nonetheless has roots tied to the Iranian people. During the 1920s in Siberia, the ‘Pazyryk carpet’ was uncovered and linked to the nomadic Iranian people know as Scythians. The link between this famous, historical rug and the Persians is strengthened by the woven bear motif which is reflected as the symbol of the ancient Persian capital, Persepolis.

Farnham Antique Carpets have an impressive array of Persian Rugs available here on 2Covet. To explore the Antique Square Fereghan carpet and more, please follow the links below.





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