Invest in Antiques, Invest in the Environment

Bringing another level to the phrase 're-use and recycle'

Whilst investing in incredible design, a piece of history and fantastic craftsmanship, purchasing antiques is ultimately an investment in the future of the planet, as it provides a sustainable alternative to the throwaway ‘fast furniture’ generation.

In the UK alone, we discard over 1.6m tonnes of large scale waste each year, including home furnishings and fittings. Moreover, the carbon footprint of an antique chest of drawers is 139.6kg of CO2 over a staggering 180 year average lifetime, compared to 170.38kg of CO2 over a mere 15 year lifespan for a newly manufactured chest of drawers. As protecting the future of our planet climbs to the top of the agenda for our world leaders, the antiques trade certainly has it’s part to play in promoting the re-use and recycle culture.

In a recent article from the BBC, the European Commission has presented plans for ‘new rules [that] could spell the death of a "throwaway" culture in which products are bought, used briefly, then binned.’ Organisations such as Antiques Are Green are already advocates for endorsing antiques ‘as an alternative form of recycling and conserving natural resources’. As well as encouraging the consumer to consider antiques as a way of reducing their carbon footprint, Antiques Are Green offers support and advice to businesses in order for them to make environmentally conscious decisions.

If that’s not enough to sway your conscience into making a sustainable antique investment, the Instagram cohort has revived the popularity of unique vintage pieces, with collectable pieces from centuries past becoming a trend amongst generations present. Antique dealers are increasingly using social media platforms and online marketplaces to sell and promote their incredible pieces, with sellers, influencers and buyers overlapping congruently in the online world. Young collectors, designers and influencers provide extra exposure and open up the antique industry to a whole new contemporary field. Meanwhile, the younger generation seemingly leads the fight against climate change, providing an affiliation between social media and global warming that has the potential to amplify the environmental benefit of investing in antiques.

At 2Covet we have a vast collection of exceptional antiques, with pieces at less than £100 for those with a budget, ranging upwards to pieces worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for the experienced collector. Follow the links below to view a selection of the magnificent ‘green’ antiques available from our 2Covet dealers.

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