New Year, Old Antiques: Art and Antiques in 2021

Have you ever said the phrase ‘new year, new me’, only to revert back to old habits by the second week of January? Here at 2Covet, old habits die hard and in our case, this goes all the way back to the 15th century - as every year we think of new ways to introduce pieces from centuries past into our homes. Art and antiques provide a sustainable way to bring steadfast style and prevailing practicality into your home, and the New Year provides the perfect opportunity to re-invigorate your collection. Whether you’re looking for country oak from the 17th century or mid-century marble from the 1960’s, 2Covet are here to guide you through the plethora of new-old pieces to breathe life into your home in 2021.

If you are unsure how to make that first step in introducing antiques, Engel & Voelker recommend inserting ‘a subtle nod to the past’, by adding a contrasting antique cabinet to an otherwise contemporary home in order to create harmonious parity. This late 18th century/early 19th century wonderful sized Swedish cupboard is a good fit for most rooms, making it highly desirable. With original paint and keys, this cupboard is the perfect way add a unique antique piece to your modern space.

Dealer Snippet with Solo Antiques - Why would you recommend antiques as a brilliant addition to a 2021 home?

‘Antiques are a brilliant addition to any home. They allow you to add your individuality and style to your home. Each antique is a unique work of art and their story becomes part of your story. A home doesn’t need to be full of antiques. A few key pieces can make all the difference and help to bring more of your personality into your home. I would always recommend buying antiques over mass produced new items. Antiques are green and help sustainability.'

Within the last 100 years we have seen pieces very recently considered ‘modern’ edging their way towards the realm of antiques. The mid-century modern style that has seen a revival over the past decade is one of the most accessible ways to bring a touch of bygone eras into your 2021 home. Home and Antiques suggest creating a timeless look by ‘teaming textural glass with a quirky wall clock’, whilst The Spruce propose ‘pairing a glass dining’ with an ‘antique silver mirror’. 2Covet’s take on this is to match this rare 1960’s nautilus shell console table with a superb mid-20th Century French gilt wood sunburst mirror, for a contemporary corner with sleek and unique design.

The mirror is an extremely well designed carved gilt wood sunburst mirror having two differing stylised tiers radiating outwards with a carved inter circle: a very unusual and rare model. The 1960’s nautilus shell console table is carved in plaster with stunning detail finished in white gold leaf surmounted by an oval glass top and brass hardware. A truly distinctive look that would work extremely well in a coastal interior or as a statement piece in any home. Both pieces would make an exceptional addition to any interior in 2021, individually or as a statement pair.

Dealer Snippet with Solo Antiques - What do you look for when shopping for antiques?

‘When shopping for antiques I look for a knowledgeable dealer- preferably a member of a reputable organisation such as BADA or LAPADA. A dealer I can trust who has high quality items at a price I am happy with. It is important to consider the fine detail and quality of a piece when making a purchase.’

Lighting can transform a room and there is no bigger or better way to achieve this than an antique chandelier. Honestly Modern consider chandeliers as one of the ’5 great ways to incorporate antiques in any decor’, whilst making your ’home look classier’ in the process. 2Covet’s choice of chandelier that will make the perfect 2021 addition to your antique collection is this German Friedrich Wilhelm III Metal Mounted Giltwood Eight Light Chandelier Designed By Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Lux Deco’s interior director says a chandelier ’instantly draws the eye and gives confidence to a room’, which is perfectly reflected in the central reeded giltwood column, gilt lead leaf crestings and hung with cut glass pendent prisms of this Prussian chandelier.

Explore more pieces that will reinvigorate your 2021 interiors, all available here on 2Covet.

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