Pieces you will love this Valentine’s Day (and every day thereafter)

With Valentine’s day just round the corner, why not step away from the cliché of chocolates and flowers with a personal gift that will be a longstanding reminder of love for years to come. 2Covet showcase a selection of pieces that have inspired romantic rendezvous for centuries past and for centuries to come.

Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, prosperity, beauty, victory and fertility. The Changer of Hearts, also known as Venus Verticordia, represents the importance of her role in the diverse aspects of love. If you’re looking to invest in some romance inspired fine art this Valentine’s day, take a look at this fine 19th century three-quarter length portrait, entitled The Changer of Hearts. This piece is painted by the important Royal Academic, Philip Hermogenes Calderon, and depicts a Vestal Virgin of the Temple of Venus. It is signed by the artist and dated 1887, hanging in its original gold leaf exhibition frame.

On the subject of Classic Mythology, this 18th Century Gilt and White Gesso Table with Painted Top also depicts the Roman God Venus alongside Neptune. The pair are seated in a scallop shell chariot amidst the waves, which is symbolic of both Venus and Neptune. This slender gilt table maintains a delicate balance of decoration and practicality, with a mahogany-lined compartmentalised interior. 

This Victorian Heart-shaped Silver Jewellery Box by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes is the perfect gift in more ways than one. This heart shaped antique silver jewellery box is formed as a heart with embossed and hand-chased floral detail to the hinged lid and sides. The use of the heart shape to represent love dates all the way back to the middle ages and gained popularity during subsequent centuries. Peak esteem of this symbol was reached in the 18th and 19th centuries where the heart was featured heavily in silverware and jewellery. On the centre of the lid of this pretty jewellery box, there is a vacant cartouche which could be engraved with an initial.

Pieces from Tiffany have long been considered a luxurious treat for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Indulge that tradition with a piece jewellery from 2Covet that combines beauty, practicality and sustainability with this Tiffany Tesoro Diamond Yellow Gold L0133 Watch. In excellent condition with materials including white mother of pearl, sapphire crystal, quartz and yellow gold, this vintage watch provides an elegant gift idea for your Valentine to enjoy this year and for years to come. 

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