Silver Collectors: your family crest awaits...

Did you know, there are over 20,000 family crests and a dedicated website to help you find pieces of silver bearing your family’s crest? offers for sale beautiful examples of antique and modern silver from around the world, many decorated with family crests. What makes unique is its matchmaking abilities; with the click of a button, you can subscribe to be notified when an item bearing your chosen crest is added. This service provides a direct link between you and your family crested silver, so you are able to source pieces specifically adorned with your crest. A fantastic find for dealers and buyers alike.

Martyn Downer created due to the huge interest in family history and in acquiring family heirlooms. Martyn is the former Director of Sotheby’s and leading specialist in the identification of artefacts relating to Nelson and the Royal Navy. He also is the author of Nelson’s Purse. With an exceptional knowledge of crested silver, he describes himself in his twitter bio as ‘author, heirloom hunter, merchant of historic objects, particularly shiny things and relics of Lord Nelson’. 2Covet has used Martyn’s crest matching service to link our Silver Dealers with new buyers with a targeted interest in their pieces.

Since launch in 2012, has accumulated over 15,000 registrations searching for silver crested pieces. Most registrations come from the UK, but the website has a very strong following in the USA, Australia and Canada. This provides the perfect world-wide link between customers searching for their family crest and dealers selling silver crested pieces. With almost 1,000 crested silver pieces currently live on, it is the perfect place to shop and research your family history, with silver ranging from the 17th to the 21st century.

Alongside the crest matching service is the ability to purchase traditional signet rings with your family crest. These are made exclusively by Hancocks London, in conjunction with

If you would like to register your interest in a specific family crest, click here. Alternatively, if you would like to add your silver crested pieces to, then click here.

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