Spring Has Sprung

The start of British Summertime brings a much needed ray of sunshine into homes around the country.

First and foremost, we wish everyone well during this time of uncertainty and encourage our customers to follow government guidelines by staying at home where possible. Even through these unpredictable times, one thing is certain; the earth will continue turning and the seasons will change. Seemingly, this Sunday brings the start of British Summertime, as we turn the clocks forward, our evenings get lighter and our days longer.

Many people are using this time of isolation for education and enlightenment. With that in mind, we are focusing on the history of turning back the clocks, and providing you with a plethora of springtime treats, all available here on 2Covet.

The driving force behind Daylight Saving Time was a builder from Kent named William Willett, back in 1908. Whilst he may not have been the first to come up with the idea, (the American inventor Benjamin Franklin mentioned saving daylight in 1784) Willett was certainly the prime motivator for change, as he became angry when riding past windows upon windows of closed curtains in broad daylight, albeit in the early hours of the morning. This prompted Willett to publish a pamphlet entitled ‘The Waste of Daylight’, which was championed in the House of Commons alongside his tireless campaigning. Sadly, Willett died in 1905, a year before the Summer Time Act was passed on 17th of May, 1916. It may seem nonsensical to make such a change during the turmoil of World War I, but the decision was strongly linked to the need to conserve coal in this troublesome period.

Since then, we have largely continued to follow the pattern of turning the clocks forward and back each year in accordance with the changing of the seasons. With a range of advocates and critics, the benefits of Daylight Saving Time are certainly up for debate. However, during times like these, no-one can deny the joys of brighter evenings and longer days are something we can look forward to and find mutual gratification in these times of separation.

In synchronicity with the clocks coming forward and the dawn of Spring, this incredible mantel clock from F.J. and R.D. Story Antique Clocks epitomises the season of growth and new beginnings. Made by Vincenti of Paris, the green decorated porcelain panels and dial are the synonymous with the blossoming of the leaves on the trees.


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