World Traveller: Antiques Around the Globe

Whilst some of the world’s most incredible antiques originate from here in England, there is no denying the exquisite design and craftsmanship of pieces from continents across the globe. Here at 2Covet, we pride ourselves on the quality and artistry of all the antiques from our 2Covet Dealers, but there is also a satisfaction to be found in showcasing pieces from far and wide cultures, each with a vast history and individual story to tell. Within this article we are going to explore select pieces from our Dealers on a journey around the globe.

Closest to home but providing a distinct style and design footprint, French antiques provide a soupçon of decadence whilst embodying the sentiment ‘l'art de vivre’. From the French Renaissance in the 15th century, all the way through to the Art Deco designs of the early 1900s, French Antiques are distinguishable by the reign of their monarch or leader. Most famous are the ‘Fab Four’ from the House of Bourbon, Louis XIII, XIV, XV and XVI, whose signatures styles encompassed luxury and comfort and influenced the realms of art, design, fashion and textiles within France and around the world. Explore the plethora of pieces hosted by 2Covet of the era and in the style of these French Monarchs.

Let's travel across the pond even further to the far eastern country of China. China has an expansive and diverse collection of antiques produced throughout the rich history of the country and is renowned for producing pieces such as intricate porcelains and jades, statuesque stone lions and tranquil ink landscapes. Symbolism is a running theme throughout the history of Chinese art and design, as the particular distinctive characteristics of each piece represents the philosophy and culture of each period. 2Covet showcases an exceptional collection of Chinese pieces, including antiques of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Back on European soil, the country of Germany has produced an outstanding range of antiques that provide an insight into its abundant history. With styles that vary immensely between periods and region, a common denominator that reigns throughout these variations is the durability and skilled craftsmanship of robust woods from the German Forests. Nestled amongst The Alps, German artisans lacked dynamic influence from surrounding countries and periods within Germany such as Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo stayed true to the style of the era whilst retaining distinctively German designs. Here at 2Covet, we are proud to host Dealers who exhibit some of the most exquisite German antiques.

In other news, the Petworth Antiques & Fine Art Fair is the first to return since the beginning of lockdown back in March. The Fair features a whole host of exceptional exhibitors, selling pieces ranging from furniture and clocks to sculpture and paintings. 2Covet Dealers Fileman Antiques, Haynes Fine Art, Walton House Antiques and Tim Saltwell will be exhibiting at Petworth Antiques & Fine Art Fair, and we would like to wish them every success as we begin to resume the antiques calendar.

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