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A Highly Important and Extremely Rare Set of Six William III Britannia Standard Trefid Spoons Made in London in 1697 by Joyce Issod.



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The Spoons are modelled in the Trefid style and display a reeded rat tail on the back of the bowl. The top of the stem is engraved with a beautifully designed mirror cipher, which was typical of this date. The spoons are in excellent condition, being of a good thick gauge and having good bowls and a fine colour. The marks are not worn away, as there is no wear to the spoons, they were just originally lightly struck on the stems. To find a set of Trefid Spoons at this date is extremely rare. The most important aspect, however, is that they were made by a Lady spoon maker. These are the earliest spoons we have ever seen being made by a Lady silversmith, as the profession was male dominated at this date. This makes them highly desirable to a spoon collector. Joyce Issod, was the widow of Thomas Issod, a specialist in the field of spoon making. She had workshops in Fleet Street when this set were made.

Length: 7.9 inches, 19.75cm.
Weight: 12oz.

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