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A William and Mary Antique Sterling Silver Tazza 1693 John Sutton



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A very fine William & Mary Antique Silver Tazza of impressive size and wonderful condition. The surface of the tazza is embellished in the centre with, a contemporary coat of arms and has an impressive gadroon decorated border.The underneath has fine cut card work which is always a sign of quality - lovely weight and patina. The underside is struck with lion standard mark as to be expected. It also has the etched initials of the owner, S.B on one side and T over T M on the other; it is also engraved c 1820 with “ Fellowship Hall St Mary at Hill “ Tazza is a wide, shallow dish which sits atop a short stem with a wide based foot, or a short foot. ‘Tazza’ translates to ‘cup’ in Italian, The Tazza is usually used for serving smaller items of food, such as hors d’oeuvres. The basic form of the tazza is essentially an elevated plate, and therefore it was developed as a way of utilising more space on a dinner table, and presenting a dish in this manner adds to the grandeur of the meal. Antique silver tazza stands are truly intriguing pieces, which are sure to create interest and conversation at any dining table, or in any home. Maker: JOHN SUTTON,Origin: London, Year: 1693, DimensionsWidth 12inches, 30.48 cm, Height 3.5inches, 8.89 cmStock number W74x40

William Walter Antique Silver

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