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An Extremely Rare William & Mary Scent Flask Made Almost Certainly in London Circa 1690.



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The Flask is finely modelled as a Pilgrim Flask. This piece stands on an oval ring foot, with two side rings, to which a suspensory chain is attached. The sides are crisply engraved with pluming scrolls and the base with a band of acanthus spears. The front is also unusually engraved with a mermaid and the reverse with a cupid. The screw off cover terminates in a peg, which is inverted once off and can be used as a stopper. This piece is in excellent condition and has a fine patina. Scent was only available to the wealthiest of individuals at this date and would, most probably, have been imported from the Continent. These flasks are very rare and seldom come onto the market.

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