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Last Light on the Camel by Bryan Hanlon



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Painting – Acrylic on Board

Size: 61cm x 61cm

Atmospheric Beach Scape of a setting sun over the Camel Estuary


Bryan Hanlon lives and works in rural Wiltshire, surrounded by the type of environment that has inspired his work.

Bryan is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading artists, having enjoyed many successful exhibitions around the world, including Nature in Art, Gloucester, The Tryon and Swann, London, and the prestigious ‘Birds in Art’ exhibition in Wisconsin, America.

Artistic forays have taken him throughout Europe and America and into Africa, which inspired his magnificent book ‘Birds and Beasts Africa’, published by Swann Hill Press, Shrewsbury.

Although birds remain an important subject and the initial source of inspiration, Bryan has also explored landscape, portraiture and sporting subjects.

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